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Our ESX Legacy tax script provides a comprehensive solution for effectively managing taxes in GTA roleplaying environments. With its wide range of features and customization options, it enables a realistic and immersive gaming experience.

Key Features:

  1. Cell phone control system:

    • Our control script allows server administrators to enable a cell phone control system that helps simulate realistic cell phone charges in the game. Players have the opportunity to pay taxes by owning and using a mobile phone item, whether for phone calls, text messages or other functions. This seamless integration of game mechanics and realism allows players to enjoy their virtual communication while contributing to the virtual economy by paying taxes associated with owning a cell phone.
  2. Vehicle control system:

    • Our tax script provides a comprehensive vehicle tax system that allows server administrators to set individual tax rates for different vehicle types. Players can pay road taxes on their vehicles based on their value and type. This feature not only adds to the realism of the game, but also promotes responsible driving behavior and efficient management of resources.
  3. Normal tax system:

    • By integrating a normal tax system, server administrators can set tax rates based on players' income ranges. This allows for progressive taxation and adds to the realism of the role-playing game. Players can manage their virtual income and see how their financial decisions affect their tax burden.

Future features:

  • Support for 12 and 24 hour formats: Planned enhancements include support for various time formats to enable precise control of tax deduction timing. For example, players can set taxes to be deducted every Friday at 3 p.m. to create an even more realistic gaming experience.

  • Real-time features: In the future, our tax script will support real-time tax calculations. For example, server administrators can choose to automatically calculate and deduct taxes based on current player earnings. This enables a dynamic and realistic economic simulation in the game.


Our control script is encrypted and IP blocked. Upon purchase you will receive a license key that you can enter in our dashboard. Then enter your server IP address and you're ready to go.


Our control script is specifically designed for use with ESX Legacy and requires pcrp_core and oxmysql to be installed. These components are required for the script to function smoothly and to achieve its full potential.

Our tax script offers a comprehensive solution for tax management in GTA role-playing environments and is characterized by its realism, ease of use and flexibility.

Framework: ESX
Encrypted files: IP Encrypted by
Support: Yes
Open Source: No
Requirements: OxMySQL, pcrp_core (Basic Core)

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