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The "Taxes Script" is a powerful tool that you can use to make your players pay taxes on vehicles, houses and bank accounts. This comprehensive script offers an effective way to simulate the economy in your game and create a realistic financial structure.

In order to be able to use the "Control Script", you need either the Basic Core from Tebex or the Basic Core from These core functions are required to use the script smoothly and efficiently.

One of the outstanding features of the "Taxes Script" is the ability to introduce bank taxes. It checks the player account and determines how much money the player has in their bank account. Based on this information, taxes are calculated and deducted from the player. This allows for a realistic bank tax simulation, which improves the economic aspect of your game.

In addition, the script allows for the introduction of vehicle taxes. It accesses the owned_vehicles database and checks which vehicles are owned by the players. Based on this information, the appropriate taxes for the vehicles are calculated. This creates additional economic responsibility for players and promotes a realistic in-game experience.

The "Taxes Script" also offers the possibility of introducing house taxes. Please note that this feature currently only works with the esx_property system. Players who own real estate have to pay house taxes on a regular basis. This helps make the real estate economy in your game more realistic and places additional financial responsibility on players.

For effective tax revenue management, the script offers the option to specify a society account. This account acts as a collection point for all tax receipts. You can designate a job or organization that collects taxes to ensure clear segregation of finances.

Another outstanding feature of the "Tax Script" are the tax classes. There are a total of 8 tax brackets that can be adjusted as needed. You can set the tax rates and parameters for each tax class individually. This allows for fine-tuned adjustment of controls to the game environment and allows greater flexibility in shaping the economics of your game.

The "Taxes Script" offers a comprehensive solution for implementing vehicle, house and bank taxes in your game. It creates a realistic economic environment and encourages financial responsibility among players. With the customizable tax classes you have full control over the tax rates and can adapt them to your specific requirements.

Release your players into the world

  of the economic system and implement the "Control Script" to create an immersive and realistic gaming experience.

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