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Welcome to PopcornRP-Scripts - the leading digital marketplace for script developers and creative people! Would you like to showcase your script development skills to a wide audience and generate passive income? Then become a seller on and discover a world of possibilities!

PopcornRP-Scripts is the ideal marketplace to sell your scripts for FiveM, Minecraft Server and many other game projects. We provide a safe and reliable platform where you can showcase your scripts and interact with other developers.

As a seller on PopcornRP Scripts, you benefit from a dedicated community that values and supports your work. Our platform allows you to offer your scripts at a price you set while maintaining full control over your creations. Whether you're an experienced script developer or just starting out, you're welcome!

Why should you sell your scripts on PopcornRP Scripts? Here are some good reasons:

1. Earning opportunities: You can generate passive income by selling your scripts on our marketplace. If your scripts are in demand, you can generate regular sales and income.

2. Large Audience: PopcornRP-Scripts has a growing and active user base that is always looking for quality scripts. With thousands of potential buyers, you have the chance to present your scripts to a wide audience.

3. Easy Selling Process: Our user-friendly interface allows you to upload, manage and update your scripts quickly and easily. You retain full control over the price and publication of your works.

4. Support and Community: As part of the PopcornRP Scripts community, you become part of a network of script developers and players who support and give advice to each other. You can learn from the experiences of others and further develop your skills.

5. Trusted Platform: PopcornRP-Scripts attaches great importance to quality and security. Each script is reviewed by our community to ensure only reliable, high-quality scripts are offered on our marketplace.

Join the PopcornRP Scripts community and experience the difference! Register as a seller today and start showing your scripts to a growing number of players and developers. Take advantage of our marketplace to boost your script development skills while earning an attractive income.

Visit and become a seller on our marketplace! We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

All the tools we offer for you to manage your shop.


Seller dashboard

With the seller dashboard you get complete insights into your sales success at all times. Track account balance, number of total sales, revenue and more. In addition to the representation in charts and numbers, you also get a colored cluster representation of the sales among salespeople. So you can easily see the progress and success of each seller.


Earn 100% on every sale

Now make more money on your sale - with a 100% profit!

It's now easier than ever to make decent profits from selling your products. Profit from every transaction - by keeping a proud 100% of the income with every sale.

How does this work? It's simple: by joining our sales program, you own all the income you earn from each transaction.


Seller Badge

Customize the look of your sales force and wear the salesperson badge proudly! With the seller badge, your customers receive an initial visualization of quality and professionalism. In short, your salespeople will appear more attractive when they wear a professional-looking badge with a nice nostalgic touch.

Our seller badge is made from high quality silicone wool which is known for its extreme durability.


Store settings

With the shop settings you give your online shop a professional and high-quality ambience. The settings enable user-friendly navigation, offer an appealing selection of design options and intuitive and uncomplicated operation. With shop settings you can set up your shop so that it suits your company, your brand and your budget.

Shop settings allow you to customize the shop in a way that is relevant to you. You can edit your location, phone number, email address, and title at any time.


Digital Products

The digital age offers countless possibilities. Our product offers you an unprecedented quality of digital products. Our products have a unique category, status and visibility, making it easier for everyone to find them with search engine optimized (SEO) content. Additionally, we provide the option to use external download links, especially if you have large files. There is no better way to sell digitally!


License Key System

Give your buyers access to your products with the license key system. With the simple setup, you set up an efficient system for issuing license keys in no time. In this way, employees and customers can be verified for licenses. Use the system to automatically provide each buyer with an individual license key. So you never have to worry about customers receiving the same license key multiple times again.


IP Obfuscated License System

Our IP Obfuscated License System gives you the control and protection you need for your software. With IP Obfuscated License System you can encrypt scripts and protect them from leakers, resellers or friends. Our licensing system ensures that your software is only activated when the user is required to provide the username, password and activation code that we provide to the user upon purchase. Therefore, the user cannot redistribute the software without you losing control.

Keep up with customers

Invoice System

The quickest and easiest way to control your payment details is to use the invoice. With our easy-to-use product, you can conveniently track and monitor your expenses and income. It's easier than ever to collect and track your expenses. From online banking to manual payments, everything is easily tracked – you only need to look once and you can keep track of every transaction.

Keep up with customers

Coupon System

Our coupon system is one of the best ways to give discounts to customers. We will help you create specific coupon codes that offer a special discount. With vouchers, you reduce your expenses and shorten the waiting time for customers when they pay for their purchase with vouchers.

Coupons are easy to manage and personalize. You can create coupon codes as you like and customize basic data, such as expiry date, quota, discounts, etc.

Keep up with customers

Messaging System

Our innovative messaging system offers you an easy and convenient way of writing messages. With our reliable messaging system, you can simplify communication with your customers and answer questions. Thanks to our powerful user interface, you can send business messages or personal messages directly and quickly. Our system helps them to better understand your customers and to stay in touch with them.

Multilingual System

Our multilingual system gives you the opportunity to give your visitors a unique surfing experience. Our multilingual system takes the hassle out of translating This Website for multiple languages and gives your visitors the opportunity to choose the language that suits them best.

Our advanced translation platform allows you to localize your content in German and English, quickly and accurately.

Keep up with customers

Currency Converter

The currency converter is a unique tool for your international customers. Our currency converter allows you to easily pay in Euros and US Dollars, while taking into account the exchange rate fluctuations that occur in your business, so you always have an advantage. With our advanced currency converter you can ensure efficiency and precision in your financial transactions.

Ratings & Comment System

With our comment and rating system, you benefit from a unique solution that your customers can use to provide their purchased product with a rating and comment. Our powerful, trouble-free and stable technology guarantees flawless functionality, which allows every customer to rate and share their opinion about your products.

Our comment and rating system offers an intuitive design that allows your customers to rate and write comments with just a few clicks and simple steps.

Keep up with customers

SEO optimized

SEO optimization is an important component for any successful business. Thanks to optimization, companies can increase their visibility on the web and in search engines, which leads to more sales and a larger customer base. Optimization is a successful way to boost your business.

24/7 Support

The 24/7 customer service offers reliable, trustworthy and competent help around the clock. As a company, we welcome every customer with an unparalleled sense of security and reliability. We help you meet your needs by providing an extensive range of services that offer comprehensive support and advice. Our 24/7 customer service team takes the time to respond to all questions and concerns.

Payment Methods

On our marketplace we offer you two convenient payment methods: PayPal and bank transfer (with IBAN and SWIFT).

With PayPal you can pay quickly and easily. It is a widely used payment method used by millions of people worldwide. With PayPal you can make your purchases securely and easily without revealing your sensitive financial information.

For those who prefer to pay via bank transfer, we also offer this option. You can make your payment using IBAN and SWIFT information. This method is particularly useful if you want to make international transfers.

We want to ensure that you have the freedom to choose the payment method that works best for you. Whether you prefer PayPal or bank transfer, you can rest assured that your payments on our marketplace will be processed securely and reliably.

Withdrawal Methods

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to claim your winnings. With the secure withdrawal methods we offer, your money stays safe and you can withdraw your winnings without any worries. Our payout options include PayPal to provide you with the convenience you need, as well as IBAN and SWIFT for international transfers.

In order to have your balance paid out, please note the minimum payout amounts:

  • PayPal: 100 USD
  • IBAN: 200 USD
  • SWIFT: 200 USD

These minimum withdrawal amounts are necessary to ensure a smooth withdrawal process and minimize transaction costs. We are at your disposal to help you with your withdrawal request and to ensure that you receive your winnings as easily as possible. Thank you for taking advantage of our offer and we look forward to fulfilling your withdrawal requests.

Set your own Prices

Design your price offer as you wish. This feature gives you full control over your pricing. You can adjust your prices as needed and enable or disable discounts. This way you always get the right price for you and have the certainty that your earnings meet your requirements. With their pricing, you get individual creative freedom for pricing and ensure that your offer corresponds to the customer's wishes.

Discount ad

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TopDeals System

The TopDeals system makes it even easier for you to advertise your product. TopDeals is the most popular badge on the market and gives you the opportunity to promote products faster and more efficiently. The badge gets your product sponsored in addition to the top search listings, giving it priority over other products when customers search for something.

In addition, your product will be featured on the homepage and will be visible on the first page.

Special Offers

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Advertising System

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Discord Bot & Announcement system

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The basics of the seller

Hi there, you're a developer who enjoys programming and living life to the fullest. That sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Well, you've come to the right place here at PopcornRP-Scripts. We are a reliable marketplace for digital products, and we'd love to welcome you to our community. Now let's get to the heart of our description: What can you expect here?

On our platform, you'll discover trading scripts that can multiply your profits in the market while helping to minimize losses. Our scripts are powerful, efficient, and the perfect go-to for developers like yourself.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of administrative and back-end functions for your website. This includes a user-friendly interface, static pages, secure payment integrations, and of course, numerous user-friendly options.

We also provide innovative tools that streamline your programming process, enhance productivity, and help you bring your ideas to life quickly. Our goal is to ensure that you deliver high-quality work using our scripts and tools. We promise that our products will deliver outstanding results for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and be a part of our community, and let's innovate together. Give a try—you won't regret it.

Seller Guidelines

All sellers on PopcornRP Scripts are required to adhere to the following seller guidelines. Please read the seller guidelines carefully.

In case of violations of the seller guidelines, the following measures will be taken.

What is not allowed?

  1. Leaks or Nulled Content: It is not allowed to link to or market leaks or nulled content.

  2. Pornographic or Adult-only Content: It is not permitted to link to or offer content that is pornographic or intended solely for adults.

  3. Violent, Hate Speech, Harassment, or Offensive Content: It is not allowed to link to or offer content that glorifies violence, contains hate speech, or includes harassment, bullying, or obscene content.

  4. Content related to Illegal Drugs: It is not permitted to link to or offer content related to illegal drugs.

  5. Copyright Infringement: It is not allowed to link to or offer copyrighted or protected content without having the necessary rights. This specifically includes the sale of music or movie downloads.

  6. Misleading or Deceptive Software: It is not permitted to link to or offer misleading or deceptive software.

  7. Malware or Adware: It is not allowed to link to or offer content that contains malware or adware.

What happens if your PopcornRP Scripts account is deactivated?

If these guidelines are violated, the seller status will be revoked, and the seller will no longer be able to participate in the PopcornRP Scripts marketplace, either as a seller or a customer.

Earnings generated prior to the deactivation of the account will be withheld and donated to charitable organizations.

If your account is deactivated, all of the seller's products will automatically be taken offline and can no longer be sold. However, all purchased products will still remain available for download to the buyers.

Sounds good? Join our community at today!

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