License System

For Customers

If you are a customer of one of our partner developers, please follow these steps.

What do I have to do if I bought one or more scripts?

  1. Just log in with Discord on At the top left is your username (Discord Name) and below that is "CUSTOMER".
  2. Every seller stores his Discord server in the product description. Normally they have to open a ticket and their IP address and username or invoice number or license code.
  3. If the seller has activated your IP address on your FiveM server, it will look something like this picture. Images: *customer
  4. Now is unlocked and can enjoy and customize their script.

How can I change my IP address?

  1. Just log in again with Discord on
  2. On the home page you can change your IP address for each individual script you have purchased using the "Change IP" button.
  3. If you want to change all purchased scripts, click on the "Change IP" button in the menu bar on the left, enter your old IP address above and your new one below, then click on the "Update" button. Finished.




For Developers

What are the steps if you are a developer?

  1. First of all, simply log in with Discord on as a customer. At the top left is your username (Discord Name) and underneath it is "CUSTOMER".
  2. Open a shop at You can find more information about the shop at here.
  3. Join our official discord server at, open a ticket under "Ticket-Support" Developer Ticket and fill out the form.
  4. If they were unlocked, the top left where their username (Discord Name) is now "DEVELOPER" instead of "CUSTOMER". Congratulation.
  5. You now have the categories available in the menu bar Create Script, Create License, Create Obfuscate, Redeem Key, Settings and Logs.

How do I create an encrypted script?

Create server-side code.

  1. Click on Create Script, now you have the option to add a Script Name, Discord Webhook and Server Side Code.
  2. If you see "Shutdown server after unauth use." activating the tick means that if the customer does not have a license, his FiveM server will be restarted again and again and you will receive a webhook in the Discord with a small overview of which servers do not have a license.
  3. If you "Print extra comment to console." activate you can write a fixed message or, for example, insert your script version query.
  4. All your scripts are listed on the start page. There is an orange button called "Download" so click on it and your server lua file will be downloaded. You can name the file whatever you want, for example server.lua or license.lua. Do not change anything in the script code! Finished.

Encrypt client code.

  1. Click on "Create Obfuscate" and upload individual client scripts and download the encrypted files.
  2. Add the files to your script what you want to share or sell with clients and you're done.

Create or share license with customers.

  1. Click on "Create License" and fill out the form for your customer to use his purchased script.
  2. The form says "User" so you enter the Discord ID of the buyer, it doesn't matter whether he has logged in as a customer on the license page or not, your customer can log in afterwards with Discord.



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