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Basic Core (pcrp_core) is a multi-system for all scripts from PopcornRP Scripts and for developers.


  • Simple configurations
  • Edit language easily
  • Anti-weapon drop e.g. B. When you get out of a police vehicle, you usually get a random weapon just like that
  • NPC settings can be enabled or disabled Gang violence and wild animals as well as removing LSPD and MD etc.
  • Standard hud components such as wanted stars, weapon icon, weapon wheel and more can be enabled or disabled.
  • Disruptive noises can be enabled or disabled like (Maze Bank Arena) + (Beta Version)
  • Player idle camera and idle vehicle camera is now separate
  • Standard GTA V car radio can be activated or deactivated for all players
  • Brake light can be activated or deactivated when stationary
  • Anti vehicle theft on a job basis
  • Connect Verification (Checks if you are not already on the server. 'steam' or 'license')
  • Cable car
  • Ragdoll
  • FingerPoint
  • Carry carry players
  • Join Transition System
  • particle system
  • Perks system (to make items effects, edible and drinkable, props you have in hand can be adjusted as well as the animation)
  • Safe zone system
  • SaltyChat VoiceRange
  • SaltyChat UI (An indication when the player is not in TeamSpeak or not in the voice channel)
  • Custom blips with or without an image extension
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Ragdoll
  • Anti VDM (beta version)
  • Desk bell system
  • Speed ​​limiter system e.g. adjust maximum speed on for NPC vehicles, speed units is still testing between MPH and KMH
  • Place objects on a job basis
  • Emergency NPC Medic / Doctor System
  • Pause menu system / server name, custom text (discord link), player ID display
  • Team Tag Header Text System b.s.w. Supporter, Moderator, Administrator
  • There are more things to follow, all of which can be activated or deactivated & edited in the configs

Developer Tools:

  • Notification System integration for ESX, Quasar, SNZ, mythic, FeedM, pcrp_notify, t-notify, and many more. (Trigger System)
  • Progressbar integration for mythic, progressbar, pcrp_progressbar, and much more. (Trigger System) 
  • Battle Pass System Integration (Trigger System)
  • Billing system integration (Trigger System)
  • Effect / Particle (Trigger System)
  • Sound System
  • Cutscene System (Beta Version)

List for the Resources:

Therefore, PopcornRP Scripts Encrypted script is "Obfuscated & IP Locked"

For all scripts from PopcornRP-Scripts our multi-system "Basic Core (pcrp_core)"  is required. All scripts are encrypted.

"FiveM Asset Escrow & Encryption as well as Obfuscated & IP Locked".

Further information about our license system can be found on our Discord Server or under License System.

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Version: 3.3

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