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Basic Core (pcrp_core): The all-in-one solution for interactivity and functionality in ESX, QBCore and Standalone

Conquer the world of game development with Basic Core (pcrp_core), the ultimate multi-system designed specifically for the ESX, QBCore and standalone frameworks. This powerful tool is the key to turning your creative ideas into immersive gaming experiences while appealing to a wide audience.

Multiple Interactions, Endless Possibilities
With Basic Core you have the power to add interactive features to your scripts that take the gaming experience to a new level. From engaging notifications with 3D text that just pops off the screen, to easy-to-use text-based interfaces and impressive progress bars, your creativity will be pushed to the limit.

Easy to use, limitless customization
Basic Core offers an intuitive configuration that allows even novices to customize the system effortlessly. Shape the functions and design of your scripts according to your ideas without having to overcome technical hurdles. Your ideas become reality without time-consuming learning of complex programming.

Rich game features without the hassle
Enhance your games with a variety of features that will keep players hooked. Create deep context menus for immersive gameplay, design user-friendly menus for effortless navigation, and implement an efficient billing system for smooth billing. With BattlePass support, the RevivePlayer system and VIP features, you'll turn your game into a dynamic universe full of surprises.

Daily support, always up to date
Basic Core is supported daily to ensure you always have the latest tools and features at your fingertips. Our dedicated developers work hard to fix bugs, introduce improvements and keep the system up to date. Your investment in Basic Core means you have constant access to innovation and expert support.

For developers, made by developers
Basic Core was developed by game developers for game developers. We understand your needs and how important it is to have quality tools that make your vision a reality. Basic Core is the secret weapon for developers who want to create not just a game, but an unforgettable experience.

Take your games to a whole new level. Invest in Basic Core (pcrp_core) and let your creativity push the boundaries of what is possible. With its comprehensive functionality, ease of use and unbeatable support, Basic Core is the investment that pays off for every game developer. Your players will thank you. Get Basic Core today and create the future of gaming!

Please note that the script is an IP obfuscator and has been encrypted by the PopcornRP scripts licensing system. This encryption serves to protect you and our developers.

Framework: ESX, QBCore, STANDALONE
Encrypted files: IP Encrypted by
Support: Yes
Open Source: No
Update: 05/11/2024
  • Instant-Code
    Basic Core (pcrp_core) has revolutionized game development! With its ease of use and comprehensive features, developers can create creative masterpieces. An absolute must for every game developer!
    7 months ago

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