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The NPC Taxi Driver is an excellent addition to your game, providing a realistic taxi experience where your character can be driven to a designated taxi stand by an NPC-controlled taxi driver.

To use the NPC Taxi Driver, you will need either the Basic Core from Tebex or the Basic Core from These resources are necessary to ensure smooth integration and functionality of the NPC Taxi Driver.

Some notable features of the NPC Taxi Driver include:

1. EasyConfigs: The script is easy to configure and customize, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements.

2. Placeable Taxi Stands: You have the option to place various taxi stands in the game. The NPC Taxi Driver will take you to the nearest taxi stand to begin your ride.

3. Traffic Rule Compliance: The taxi driver follows traffic rules, creating a realistic and authentic driving environment.

4. Customizable License Plate: You can customize the license plate of the taxi to add a personal touch.

5. Adjustable Blip: The map blip indicating the taxi's location can be customized. You can also rotate it to suit your needs.

6. Customizable Account Money: The script allows you to adjust the taxi driver's account money display, whether it's cash, bank, or black money.

With the NPC Taxi Driver, you'll get a powerful addition to your game, offering an immersive taxi driver experience. The script is easy to integrate and customize, making it seamless to incorporate into your existing gameplay. Enjoy realistic driving, customizable options, and an authentic gaming environment with the NPC Taxi Driver.

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Version: 1.6

Framework: ESX
Encrypted files: IP Encrypted by
Support: Yes
Open Source: No
Update: 11/28/2023

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