Treasure Chest

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An exciting treasure hunt for your citizens!


The treasure chest hidden object game is the perfect addition to your city or server to engage your citizens in an exciting adventure! With this plugin you can offer them the opportunity to find hidden treasure chests and get great rewards.

To be able to use the treasure chest search game, you need either the Basic Core at Tebex or the Basic Core at Once you've installed the plugin, you'll have plenty of features to customize the game to your liking.

With EasyConfigs you can easily configure and customize the game. You have full control over the game's language and can change it as you wish. You can also activate the Treasure Chest Keys and customize their properties. Decide for yourself how much money or which items should be contained in the chests as a reward.

The plugin also allows you to customize the look of the treasure chests. You can change the corresponding props to suit your style or theme. Even infinite treasure chests can be created to constantly provide new challenges for the players.

In addition, the treasure chest hidden object game offers integration with Discord webhooks. You can send notifications of found treasure chests directly to your Discord server to reward players and celebrate their achievements.

With the treasure chest search game you bring a breath of fresh air into your city or your server. Offer your citizens a fun and exciting treasure hunt that will keep them hooked for hours. Start the adventure now and let the treasure hunt begin!

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