NPC Medic AI - The Ultimate Rescue Experience

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NPC Medic AI - The Ultimate Rescue Experience

Welcome to a new era of gaming! With the NPC Medic AI you can take your virtual adventures to the next level and feel safe in every game situation. This revolutionary solution uses the highly developed Basic Core (pcrp_core) and offers you an outstanding gaming experience.


Immediate rescue: As soon as your character dies in the virtual world and no human medic is available, simply activate the predefined hotkey. Your game will be saved instantly thanks to the breakthrough technology of the Basic Core (pcrp_core).

Autonomous Life Saving: The NPC Medic AI starts moving and rushes to your location in a specially equipped vehicle. This autonomous rescue mission is not only lightning fast, but also extremely efficient and reliable.

Tailored Experience: You can customize the probability of the NPC Medic AI successfully resurrecting you based on your preference. This allows you to customize the challenge to your personal preferences and create unique gaming experiences.

Flexibility in perfection: Decide for yourself whether the NPC Medic AI will do its best again after an unsuccessful rescue attempt or proceed strategically differently. Your preferences and playstyle come first.

Cost transparency: The rescue comes at a price and you are in full control. Adjust the CPR fee to suit your unique needs and budget. Use this feature to master the in-game economy and enjoy a realistic gaming experience.

The NPC Medic AI is the game changer you've been looking for. Thanks to the Basic Core (pcrp_core), it's not just a technology, it's a real experience. Embark on the future of virtual emergency services and see how this incredible innovation will transform your gaming worlds.

Your virtual adventures will never be the same as this new era puts you in control of your destiny, knowing that the NPC Medic AI is by your side to protect and save you. Welcome to the future of gaming!

Framework: ESX
Encrypted files: IP Encrypted by
Support: Yes
Open Source: No

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