IP Obfuscated License System for Developers

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Our IP Obfuscated License System for developers is a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed for FiveM, Lua and other licensing systems. It offers you a comprehensive range of functions to securely encrypt your scripts and files and protect them from unauthorized access.

An outstanding feature of our system is the use of daily changing encryption algorithms. This ensures that your scripts are continuously protected from being cracked. Our developers are constantly working to implement new and robust encryption methods to meet the highest security standards. This ongoing protection ensures your scripts are always safe and secure.

In addition, our unique infrastructure offers another advantage. It is designed in such a way that it cannot be copied or imitated. This ensures that our IP Obfuscated License System remains an exclusive solution and cannot be imitated by others. With this extra layer of security, you can rest assured that your scripts will remain protected and not fall into the wrong hands.

Our user-friendly Easy Control Panel allows you to directly encrypt your files and efficiently manage the generated licenses. You have full control over your encrypted scripts and can flexibly adjust and manage the licenses. The control panel offers you an intuitive user interface that enables you to manage your licenses seamlessly and effectively.

The integration of Discord Bot and Webhook opens up additional possibilities for you to use our IP Obfuscated License System effectively. The Discord Bot allows you to encrypt your Lua files directly through Discord. This integration simplifies the encryption process and gives you a convenient way to protect your scripts. In addition, with the webhook integration, you can get a detailed overview of which servers your scripts are not licensed on. This allows you to quickly identify potential leaks and cracks and take appropriate action.

Our IP Obfuscated License System also gives you the option of storing an unlimited number of server IP addresses for your customers. This allows you to target your scripts to your customers and ensure that they can only be used on authorized servers. Both client and server side scripts can be easily encrypted to ensure comprehensive security. The "Shutdown Server" option gives you the option of automatically shutting down the server if it is not authorized. This feature provides an additional protection mechanism that ensures your scripts are only executed on the correct servers.

Another useful feature is the "Extra Print" function. It allows you to have a

  send a custom message to the server console of the rogue server. This allows you to clearly indicate potential violations of license terms and effectively detect unauthorized access attempts.

Please note that the Discord License System Bot is currently under development but is ready to use. You can add him to your discord server by clicking on the blue button with the text "add to server" on our discord server. The bot allows you to have even more control over your encrypted scripts and conveniently manage them via Discord.

Overall, our IP Obfuscated License System offers an outstanding security solution for developers. It is easy to use, offers rich functionality and ensures protection of your valuable scripts from unauthorized access. We are proud to offer you a high quality and reliable licensing system that allows you to keep full control over your development projects.

Framework: ESX, QBCore, vRP, STANDALONE
Encrypted files: No
Support: Yes
Open Source: No

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